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Candy or confectionery is one of the most popular products of the Elvan brand. There are many different kinds of confectionery on the elvan.com.tr online shopping site, which can sell sugar to customers in the shortest time possible with its affordable sugar price and high stock capacity. Among these, the first ones that come to mind are soft candy and hard candy products, ibon candy, coffex candy and Dr. Milk sugar can be listed as sample products. Both types of sugar are available on our website, and are displayed under the category of "Confectionery - Jelly" with their sales price, visuals and useful information.

Apart from hard candy products that melt in the mouth when confectionery is mentioned, jelly in gel consistency is known as one of the first products that come to mind. With the Elvan Jelaxy brand, jelly with different flavors and shapes is offered to customers on its online shopping site. On the site, apart from product images, you can see jelly prices, stock status and other useful information. Apart from jelly products, Turkish delight (Turkish Delight), one of the most well-known flavors of Turkey in the world, is also sold under the main category of "Keşerleme-Jelly".

hard candy
It is a type of candy with a hard structure on its name, and it is preferred to be consumed by melting it in the mouth. Examples of this type of candy are mint candy, fruit flavored candy, milk candy, hard candy. Many kinds of hard candies are produced under the Elvan brand and offered to the likes on the elvan.com.tr online shopping site with reasonable sales prices. Apart from the ibon candy with milk and four different fruits (peach, banana, melon and strawberry), which is most preferred by customers, ibon candy with ginger, Coffex coffee various candies, Dr. Milk caramel candy can be sorted. You can easily buy the hard candies on our site, which are exhibited on the site with affordable candy sales prices and high stocks.

Soft candy
Compared to hard candy, it is softer in structure and its consistency is a little closer to chewing gum. Again under the Elvan brand, you can examine the soft candies, also called toffee, which has a wide product range and reasonable sales prices, under the "Candy" category on our website, and you can purchase them in a short time. The most purchased soft candies of Elvan are again ibon candy, and apart from this candy, stick shaped fruit candy and Toffix's caramel, milk and sour candies.

What are the types of jelly?
Elvan jelly varieties include animal figures such as teddy bear jelly, worm jelly and cobra jelly, as well as shaped jellies such as heart jelly, cola jelly, tooth jelly. Apart from this, jelly with different fruit shapes in a single package is also included in the product range of the Elvan brand. Apart from these shape differences, there are also aroma differences. The products can have different fruit (raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, peach…etc.) or vegetable (black carrot…) flavors.

Delight (Turkish Delight – Turkish Delight)
According to the information in the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia, the word Turkish delight is of Arabic origin. Some sources state that the first Turkish delight was made in Anatolia in the 15th century. However, in some studies, it is rumored that Turkish delight was invented at the end of the 18th century, when the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit I, who was bored with hard candy, wanted soft candy and a competition was organized for it. Ali Muhittin Hacı Bekir came first in this competition. It is certain that it was Ali Muhittin Hacı Bekir who made the mass production of Turkish delight a well-known product and introduced it to Europe.

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