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The most preferred products in the Beverage category of the Elvan brand, which has a wide product range, are the products in the sub-category of "Soda". Orange soda and plain (also called mixed fruit soda) are included in this category. By visiting our website,, you can see the soda price, product images, stocks, package quantities and other useful information by examining the "Soda" category, and you can easily add the products to your cart and purchase them with its user-friendly panel. Thanks to the stock of the products and our confidence in the speed of our cargo organization, the products you order arrive at your door in a very short time.

Elvan soda is one of the first products that come to mind when nostalgic tastes are mentioned in our country. Orange soda and clear colored plain soda (also known as mixed fruit soda) with original flavor stand out. These tastes from the past are preserved under the Elvan brand, transferred to new generations and continue to be on your tables.

In which packages is Elvan soda sold?
You have the chance to purchase Elvan soda products in various packages and quantities on our website. Presented in stylish 250-milliliter bottles and with a unique soda cap design, Elvan sodas are also sold in slim tin cans. Apart from this, it is offered for sale in liter pet bottles at reasonable prices so that you can consume it with your loved ones. In addition, you can buy the products in these packaging types as single, quadruple and six-pack, or you can order in boxed pieces. When you want to remember this breeze from the past, you only need to decide which packaging option to buy.

Is wholesale available on our online site?
Apart from retail sales on our site, it is also possible to make palletized (or bulk) purchases in the dealer category. In wholesale purchases, parcel or pallet sales can be made. By calling us from the contact information on our website, you can get information on the sale price of soda, stock status, product parcel and pallet quantities and other issues.

You can order soda products from your computer, tablet, mobile phone and Elvan application (suitable for both IOS and Android operating systems).

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